Monday, January 2, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Week 1 Goals

  • Exercise 5 out of 7 days 
  • 15 minutes minimum
  • Variety of workouts (Wii, walking etc.)
  • I'm hoping to lose some weight but I have to remember (NSV)
  • Work schedule this week Tuesday - Friday 6:00 am until 5pm
  • School Schedule Wednesday Night 5:30 to 8:30 pm
  • Church Praise team practice @9pm Monday
  • Church celebration singing Thursday night @ 7:30pm
  • Church New Year Celebration 7:30 to 9:00pm
  • Church celebration singing Friday night @ 7:30pm
  • Church New Years Conference part 2 7:30 to 9:00pm
Food intake
  • all meats baked (chicken, fish etc..)
  • salads, vegetables
  • Daily calories 1520 calories
  • MyfitnessPal is my tracker of choice
  • water intake might vary but will try 8 plus glass per day( i only drink water and sometimes lose track)
  • Try to spend as much time with my kids and husband as possible with my busy schedule
  • This weeks schedule is short and not busy for me with the holiday
  • Next week will be the real challenge but I have to learn take them one day at a time
  • Most important try to GET SOME SLEEP


  1. Just stopping by from the challenge! Good luck with your goals this week!

  2. Wow, you have such a busy schedule. Good for you, undertaking the SCC challenge when you already have so much on your plate. I hope for their sake your kids and husband will get to see you a lot because you seem like a great, hardworking role model! Heck, I wish I could see you just in hopes that some of your dedication would rub off on me. I think you can accomplish your goals for sure and I look forward to seeing how this busy, busy week goes for you! Best wishes xx

    - Desperate Student

  3. I like your goals, and the sleep one is really important. I like that we look outside the scale for this challenge too :)

  4. Empty Nester thank you for your support!!

  5. Illiterate although my schedule is busy I try to make time. It's difficult but in the end it works out. I will update my week one most likely on Thursday or Friday. Thank you for all the support it really appreciated..

  6. Hello Maren thank you. Looking outside of the scale is something that I really like about this challenge. Gives me something else to focus on.

  7. This is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen I am a new follower and so happy to be on the “Spring Chick Challenge.” We can do this!!!

  8. You can do this... I envy your focus on sleep. One day I will get back to that. You r schedule is full.... Let's rock this!!

  9. Stormy I plan on rocking this and I have to keep a high part of my focus on sleep. I tend to not get much of it these days and I know that is a big part of losing weight successfully. Thanks again girl I know we are going to kick these weekly goals right out of the ball park...!!!

  10. Sounds like a busy woman. You can do it!