Monday, January 16, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Week 3

 It's only week three so lets hope I can keep this up. It's getting harder to maintain my goals because my schedule seems to get more hetic as the weeks go on. My schedule for this week basically is same with more added to fill in with work/school and church (yeah me!!):


  • Exercise 5 out of 7 days 
  • Tuesday after school try to get in some strength training and cardio done  for 45 minutes to an hour since i'm working from home this day. 
  • 15 minutes minimum of exercise all other days
  • Variety of workouts (Wii, walking etc.)
  • I'm hoping to lose some weight but I have to remember (NSV)
  • Work schedule this week Monday - Friday 6:00 am until 5pm
  • Monday finish all homework/ type out and print fundraiser letters for business Ad placements for church directory/ Also type out print out letters inviting churches to the Pastor Anniversary Celebration.
  • Church Praise team practice @9pm Monday
  • Meeting Monday @ church regarding the Pastors Anniversary( I'm the Treasurer for the church and also second in charge for decorating on all four nights in February Thurs - Saturday, Right now we are in the planning stages). Probably won't get home until after midnight this night.
  • Tuesday Morning school from 8:00am to 4:00 P.M. added a class/ Work from home Tuesday night. 
  • School Wednesday Night 5:30 to 8:30 pm
  • Church Praise team Practice Thursday @ 9pm (short meeting about decorations for anniversary celebration)
  • School Online Only class Thursday (but I can pretty much do the work when I want as long as I sign in every Thursday for at least an hour and hand in my homework and do what ever assignments and/or quizzes are required)
  • Friday - Sunday fit in all homework/ exercise etc.
Food intake
  • all meats baked (chicken, fish etc..)
  • salads, vegetables
  • Daily calories 1520 calories
  • MyfitnessPal is my tracker of choice
  • water intake might varies but will try 8 plus glass per day( i only drink water and sometimes lose track)
I hope everyone has a great week this week and i'm looking forward to being successful with this challenge and seeing nothing but great results.  Thanks for all the support and I will not GIVE UP!!!!!

Have a Great week Chicks!!!!


  1. Great goals you got there! Good luck in the coming week :D

  2. Don't let your chaotic schedule discourage you, you are doing great! Just keep planning ahead and sticking to your plan and you'll be fine :-)

  3. Congrats on the loss. I love how you are making it work. did you find Exerbeat yet? I got Just Dance 3 in the mail and Love it!!

  4. Good gosh, I'm exhausted just reading your schedule. Where do you find the energy? Good on you though!