Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Intro to the Spring Chick Challenge 2012

Spring Chick Challenge 2012 was Created by Stormy@BigButtTheory. I truly appreciate her for allowing me to participate in this challenge. She is truly my inspiration. I'm looking forward to starting this challenge.

As of today my weight is 275lbs. I want to eventually get down to 150/165. This will be my most challenging time with trying to lose weight. My schedule with work and school is very busy, but i'm gonna try to make time to work everything in.

I've tried several diets and weight loss programs. Some with great success but I just didn't stick to them and others that once I stopped with the meal plans the pounds piled back on. I think my biggest mistake is I always did all my diets solo with little or no support. Of course I had the support of my husband but it still not the same as having the support of others who are also trying to lose weight or who have achieved great success in losing weight.

Here is my intro to the Spring Chick Challenge 2012 that starts on Monday January 2, 2012 and ending on March 19, 2012. I pledge to the best of my ability that:

1. I will Commit to NSV(non scale victory)- which will be to fit into a pair of my used to be favorite jeans.

2. I will Commit to a set nutrition parameters that I will track via MyFitnessPal

                        Daily Calories: 1520
                        Daily Water Intake: 8 plus cups of water
                        Items to limit: Sugar and salt

3. I will Commit to a set of  exercise parameters filled with variety:
                        Wii-fit, Wii Biggest Loser
                        Walking DVD etc......
4. I will commit to blogging at least twice weekly with one specified strictly to updates.

5. I will commit to giving and receiving support the best I can.

Thank you in advance for all your help and support!!!!


  1. Glad you're in on this challenge, I think it will be a great network of support - which is really important! Good goals :D

  2. Your goals sound very similar to mine! I think you're going to rock them :)

  3. I think your the first person I've seen doing this challenge who has mentioned limiting salt! I love that idea, I know I need to be better about doing that myself. Good luck!!

  4. Welcome to the the spring challenge. I am doing it as well. I am sure we are all going to do so well. Woohoo

  5. This is a great overall plan. I know you are going to see great results. Let's do this.... :-)

  6. Erin thank you so much for all your support.Thanks also for the App waterlogged it's great!!!

  7. Chubbymumnomore thank you for all your support good luck!!!